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Videos - What We're About

Here are a few videos that will give a quick glimpse of what's happening at Trinity. Other videos highlight the purpose and mission of our key community partners.

We are a community that loves God and seek to serve Him in simple, ordinary ways. Our desire is to join together with friends and neighbors to bring Jesus' love, hope and light to those who are hurting or suffering.  We believe everyone's deepest need and greatest thirst is for a strong, healthy relationship with God that brings peace, joy and freedom.

Our hope and prayer is that our hearts would be filled with God's love so that we are empowered 1) to serve others in a spirit of humility and love in compassionate, non-judgmental ways, 2) to glorify our Father in heaven by radiating His love so that it causes sceptics and non-believers to wonder, and 3) to join Jesus on His Mission here and now in greater Hillsboro and beyond.

Check out the videos below.