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Enjoy People | Share Life | Do Good with Jesus

A dozen simple, practical ways to Enjoy People and Join Jesus on His Mission.
(Send us your favorite ways of connecting with your neighborsand we'll share them with others on this site.)
  • Grow surplus vegetables in your garden to share with your neighbors.
    Plant another 25% to your garden so you can contribule to the Trinity Neighborhood Fruit & Veggie Stand.

  • Share a plate of yummy baked goods with a neighbor... and, if God gives the opportunity, take a moment to visit.

  • Find an good excuse to have a backyard BBQ with lots of smoke & spice. Invite a neighbor for two to join you.

  • Write a hand-written card with words of encouragement to a neighbor who's sick or going through a difficult time.
  • Together with a couple co-hosts, contact a local college and Invite a couple of international students (like the three japanese exchange students you've seen at church) to your home for a special home-cooked meal.

  • Go door-to-door in your neighborhood with a clipboard asking: "What are you most thankful for in our neighborhood?"   Share the answers with neighbors who participated.
  • Offer to fix your neighbor's broken sprinkler or __________________?...
  • Offer to clean out the gutters for an elderly person (now that's REAL servant-heartedness!)

  • When powerwashing at your house, ask your neighbor if s/he has anything - within reason - they need powerwashed.  (you might want to set some boundaries)

  • Invirte a neighbor family for an ice cream party.

  • Be quick to offer assistance to neighbors who need a hand with a project.
  • Send YOUR favorite neighboring idea to and we'll share it on this site.